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The Amethyst Saga Returns

Christmas, 2021 brings the re-release of the Amethyst Saga with a brand new look! Watch my Facebook page for updates and details.

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Topaz (Aeros: Verses of Oceans Book 1)

All Mahnii wants is to escape the boring merchant life and have an adventure. Celeste just wants to prove herself to the world. When their unlikely encounter leads to a quest with a necromancer searching for the Staff of Naul, which would make her the Guardian of the Afterlife, they learn of a sinister evil creating devastating conflict between the human and non-human territories.

The conflicts soon bring the world to the brink of utter destruction while the silent threat siphons magic for a mysterious purpose. As they struggle to find the missing dragon-gods, Celeste discovers both her true identity and a dark prophecy concerning their home, Dragnai, and the nearby world of Aeros. The traveling companions must choose how to face the dark path ahead, which will change their fate forever.

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Delve into the War Between the Sky and Earth Realms in:

The City That Fell

Keturah has always excelled in magic skills and dreams of becoming a member of court in the city of Lucenskath beneath the leader of Nefeiah, Elias, who has led an era of peace and prosperity. But when she is befriended and wooed by Lucas, a fellow student, she learns of a plot to overthrow Elias and his magic council. Keturah must choose between her love of Lucas and her trust in Elias and decide whether or not to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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Be Romanced in this Valentine's Day Anthology.

Imprisoned Hearts

Seven years after Emily let the best thing that ever happened in her life walk away, he suddenly shows up at one of her tables at the restaurant where she works. David. Her high school sweetheart. And he wants her to use her magic to help him. A magic she hasn't used since they parted. When David makes it clear he came to her strictly for the magic... she can't help but question why her as opposed to another witch?

As they fight to stop a group of hunters and recover a stolen amulet with the power to imprison souls, Emily must control both her magic and the desires tearing at her heart.

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